EnerHack 2018 Teams


Team: becky Badgers
Challenge Title: Energy Assistant for your Home Power Grid
Team Members: ​​Huanran Li, Joshua Kuzminski, Kieran Mulligan and Chongxi Yuan

First Place Winner of Faith Technologies Social Impact Prize - $1000


Team: Solaris
Challenge Title: Solar forecasting based Energy Management using cameras
Team Members: ​​​Yogesh Chockalingam, Sukanya Venkataraman, Pragathi Praveena and Nikhil Nakhate

First Place Winner of Smart Wires Innovation Prize - $1000


Team: E
Challenge Title: App to promote sustainable energy use practices through non-price incentives
Team Members: ​​​ ​Jack Long and Matthew Kramer

Second Place Winner in Social Impact Category - $500


Team: FPGA
Challenge Title: Design and development of a context-aware home
Team Members: ​​​Dave Nugent and Noah Holland

Second Place Winner in Innovation Category - $500 and Best Hardware Prize


Team: Bears in Chairs
Challenge Title: ​Energy Monitoring and Control Mobile App
Team Members: ​​​ Gabe Grunwald, Patrick Budyn, Jordan Longseth and Vinay Janardhanam

Third Place Winner in Social Impact Category - $250


Team: energySaver
Challenge Title: ​Solar site planning and assessment app
Team Members: ​​​Tanvi Nagarale, Ujjwal Kumar, Arushi Saran and Yogesh Mahendran

Third Place Winner in Innovation Category - $250


Team: Vidyut
Challenge Title: ​​App to earn rewards by motivating energy conservation and efficiency
Team Members: ​​​​Sapan Gupta, Namrata Kogalur, Sandhya Srinivas and Dhaval Waghulde


Team: BetaCat
Challenge Title: ​​ ​Long distance RF based communication network for microgrids
Team Members: ​​​​ ​Zexing Li and Zhigong Liu